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About Us


Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) is an International Honors Organization for accounting students looking to make the most of their college career by seamlessly bridging the gap between academia and the professional world through extracurricular efforts. At Portland State University, the Epsilon Alpha Chapter activities are primarily geared towards accounting students and are planned to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Help students build their professional skills.

  2. Foster career interests by connecting academic preparation with the practice of accounting.

  3. Provide an avenue for students to build relationships with accounting professionals.

BAP as Portland State provided students with unique opportunities to develop their leadership skills, expand their professional and peer networks, and begin their career ahead of the competition. We focus on the cultivation of a ‘leader-full’ organization, and believe that the facilitation of members’ personal growth is the most effective way our organization achieves its goals. Whether you want to gain professional development skills, network with employers, or find a community within the School of Business, there’s a place for you in Epsilon Alpha.


Departments support the operations of the Chapter in specific areas and are led by a Vice President,

who works with Directors within their department to accomplish their responsibilities.


president |

executive vice president |

reporter |

treasurer |

The Executive team leads the chapter and is comprised of the President, Executive Vice President, Treasurer, and Reporter. The Executive team sets the chapter’s course for the year and determines where chapter efforts will be spent. This includes delegating projects between departments, on-boarding new members and candidates, filing financials and tracking hours.


Membership processes applications from candidates and guides them through the on-boarding process, which includes providing information to incoming candidates, collecting chapter dues, continued engagement with candidates as they work towards becoming members and collaborating with the executive reporter to track candidates' status.


Programs is responsible for the planning and execution of our weekly meetings, which are generally held on Wednesdays at 4:15pm. This includes establishing contact with professionals to present at the meetings, encouraging student attendance at the meetings, and hosting the professionals on campus when they present. 


The Marketing Department is responsible for facilitating weekly Chapter communications and promoting Chapter events. This includes distributing a weekly summary of events, creating and distributing promotional flyers, and maintaining the BAP website.


The Competitions Department develops new chapter initiatives to propose at the BAP regional meetings. This process includes collaborating with the competitions team to identify new initiatives, submitting proposals for approval, and presenting the proposals at regionals if approved. The competitions team gives students an excellent opportunity to improve on their writing & speaking skills.

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